Arif Bungash, M.D, MPH.

Judith E. Urquhart, BSW, MSW, RSW

Judith (Judy) Urquhart has Master’s degree from Dalhousie University.  Additionally, Judy completed courses in mediation and parenting assessments, achieved a certificate from the Atlantic School of Theology, and has completed several courses in Divinity from Acadia University.  She has 30 years of counselling experience, was employed as a social worker in various capacities.  She practices CBT  and Solution Focused counseling. Along with another social worker, Judy is a presenter of the men’s Narrative Therapy Program for Family Violence for the Provincial Government’s Department of Public Safety. As well she also facilitates family violence programmes for women.

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Arif Bungash, M.D., MPH.

Consultant Psychiatrist
Medical Director
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Dalhousie University


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